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The North Rocks Greenery

371 North Rocks Road, North Rocks NSW 2151.  Phone 9872 6481 

About Us

The North Rocks Greenery is a family owned and operated business.

First established in 1972, we provide professional horticultural advice, high quality plants, potting and garden mixes, fertilisers, manures, bulk gardening supplies, garden care products and more, for our valued customers.


Garden Maintenance & Landscaping Service

Our team of friendly staff can also provide you with home garden maintenance, landscaping, lawn mowing and tree services for both residential and commercial customers. Many clients enjoy the benefits of our programmed garden maintenance and lawn care work.

Landscaping services also include: retaining walls, driveways, irrigation systems and paving.


Edible garden plants

We stock a good range of seasonal veggie seedlings and herbs, plus a variety of citrus (both normal and dwarf types)


Indoor plants & tools


Indoor pots & gifts